Don’t trade respect for attention


If you watch my Periscope video casts, you know how much I enjoy reading dating groups on Facebook. Today, I posted the above on a the dating groups and then sadly the desperate and  pathetic “girls” ( not women) showed themselves and posted the following comments under the picture:

“Yes I have naked pics for you at my Facebook profile.”

“I am looking for a date for the weekend. Check out my profile and drop me a message, if you like what you see.”

“Sent me a friend request and you can see my naked pics.
Who wants to chat with me?”

“I´m hot and Single *smile*. Please sent me a friend request, if you are single.”

Why are women today acting like complete and utter dumb asses on these dating groups? They trade respect for attention.  But sadly the only attention they are going to gain are those guys who are losers, guys who could be sexual predators, and guys who won’t, under any circumstances respect them.

This is what people don’t get, still to this day.  Respect given to you is a reflection on how you respect yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, others will walk all over you. People will treat you however you let them.  By all means, I want women to value themselves, their voice, body and their dreams. But that doesn’t mean parading around wearing a “pussyhat” screaming vulgar things either- that only lowers people’s respect for you. If you are demanding respect, you need to remember that it is better to be respected than to be popular. It’s always better to stand out, not to be a sheep in the crowd “just because.”

The moment you settle for less than you deserve is the moment you get even less than what you settled for. Too bad most people who use that dating group on Facebook seem to forget the following: Never spend your life seeking to be accepted.  Instead seek inside yourself and learn to accept who you are. If you have to gain a guy’s attention by saying that you have “naked pics” all you are inviting is trouble and heartbreak. Insecurity breeds insecurity.

Chapter Eleven: 7 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Chapter Eleven: 7 Reasons Why You Are Still Single( From The Book, Hello Love, Where’s Cupid? 2nd Ed)

I hate being single!” or “Why am I so unlucky in love?” Do these sound familiar? If so, then welcome to Singlehood. I will admit, some people are really unlucky when it comes to love. I have seen it first hand. There are those who are still single due to being left in the “pool” while others are single due to being their own worst enemy. Then of course you have those people who call you “desperate.” Lets get one stereotype cleared up though: I am not desperate because I am single. I am single because I am not desperate. There’s a difference. If you are running from relationship to relationship, then okay, you are desperate. But if you struggling to find someone and you have your standards, you are NOT desperate, you are smart.

This chapter is NOT for those people. The ones who are smart enough to take a step back, look at the situation, and go slow finding someone to have a real relationship with instead of rushing themselves to the altar, are the ones who will “win” in the dating game.

This is for those who are sabotaging any chance they get at having a relationship and there are seven good reasons why you are still single.

Let’s start off small:

1- You have annoying habits that scare people away.

I know someone who has this annoying habit of talking with food in their mouth. I also know someone who is obsessed with their blackberry or iPhone. You interrupt people while they are talking and talk about something else or just talk on and on. This behavior was another relationship breaker that was mentioned.

2- You don’t pay attention and constantly make the other person repeat.

It doesn’t cost anything to pay attention. If someone is talking to you and you are too busy doing something else, what does that say about how you value the other person? We as a society need to learn to listen better. Most people just listen for the cue to when it’s their turn to speak. They don’t actually listen to what is being said.

3- Loyalty, Honesty and Trust issues.

Let me give you the straight definition of each term. Loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause. Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating or theft. And Trust is, the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. These three are tied together. When you don’t have one in any relationship, you don’t have any of them. When you are loyal, you don’t cheat. When you have faith that the person you love only loves you; then you have trust. And when you trust someone, you know that they are being fully honest with you about every aspect of the relationship.

4- You constantly talk about your ex or previous relationship nonstop.

I know some ladies who constantly talk about previous relationships as if they are still continuing. If you still talk about it, you still care about it. Period. When you have serious baggage you cannot and SHOULD NOT even start to think about having a new relationship. Work through and get over the previous relationship, before moving on to a new one. This is mistake that many single ladies make. They hop into a new relationship just so they can forget about how “Dave” ripped their heart into a million pieces, or they sleep with the first guy that glances over at them in a bar, restaurant, gym, etc. This is also very “desperate” behavior which signifies very deep self-worth, self-esteem issues. When you settle just for “anyone” to get over someone with whom you had an emotional and physical relationship with, you are setting yourself up for an even a bigger disaster. Then of course you have people who go out with someone just to get over their ex or because they fear being “alone” and then end up engaged but still hung over their previous ex. Here’s the thing: If you are not crazy about the person you are about to marry, take a step back. This doesn’t mean go chasing down your ex, since you cannot make someone else want to be with you. But you will be doing yourself and your future husband/wife a disservice by marrying them, when it’s obvious your heart is not in it. Remember, Love won’t grow just because you marry.

To get over an ex, you need time in between relationships. Jumping from relationship to relationship will not help you at all. The fact is rebounding is dangerous because you’re at your most vulnerable and have not had enough time to mourn the loss of your previous relationship and move on. You’re still suffering from heartbreak, even if you deny it. When you meet someone else without getting over the previous relationship, you don’t fall in love with someone but fall completely infatuated with the feelings you are feeling instead. You may gush over the rebounder, but the reality is, that you’re trying to recapture the feelings you had while you were with your ex.

You also have not given yourself time to look at WHY your previous relationship failed. Subconsciously you will make the same exact mistakes with this relationship that you just made with your previous one. So how long should you wait before getting involved with someone new? If you were together for six months, you wait 3 months. If you were together for 12 months, you wait 6 months. The key is to give yourself enough time to get through the pain you feel and get over him/her. That means erasing his/her number from your cell phone, erasing text messages, voice messages and deleting them from your social network. When you can do that, then you are over them.

5- You have a negative outlook on life.

First, don’t complain about someone not treating you right. If you know you deserve more, then why are you with them? Negativity breeds negativity just like positivity breeds positivity. If you have the “woe is me,” attitude, who wants to be around that and listen to it 24/7? I know that I don’t. Who wants to keep hearing how work stinks, how much you wish you could live somewhere else, or how everyone around you is having babies and families but not you?

6- You are oversharing too fast.

Making a full disclosure within the first few meetings can be disastrous since you are not aware how the other person is going to react to the “skeletons” you reveal. Again, your new date doesn’t need to know why you hate your family, why your previous relationships didn’t work, your money issues, etc. Once you share something, you can’t take it back either. Over-sharing. It has always been a problem but has become more so in the digital age. Just look at Facebook and how everyone shares every aspect of their lives. Everyone needs to know everything about everyone. And that’s a bad situation for someone who is meeting someone for the first time. People with bad intentions can get your information and either manipulate you with it or share it with others you don’t necessarily want it shared with. Then you will have put yourself in a position you could have avoided. Also, do NOT become Facebook “friends” with new suitors either. I would actually block them from finding you on Facebook and then once you get to know them, and feel confident/comfortable with them, allow them to then become your online friend as well. Remember, less history equals more mystery. More mystery leads to more dates. More dates leads to having a serious relationship. And if you want to let your potential suitors see your Facebook page, then you must be cautious as to what you post publicly. Remember, what you post can generally come back to bite you in the ass. It happens all the time. Don’t let it happen to you.

7- You have fantasy-like, unrealistic ideas about the opposite sex.

Sadly some women just want to meet a tall, handsome guy who has money and other perks that will make them live happily ever after. The problem with fairy tales is that they set a girl up for disappointment. In real life, the Prince goes off with the wrong Princess. If all you want is to be somebody’s “trophy wife,” you really are setting yourself up for disaster, heartbreak, and torture. Relationships shouldn’t be based on looks, money or perks. Relationships should be based on personality, compatibility, and civility. There’s a difference between being picky and being discriminating. Being picky is about focusing on traits and other details that look good on the surface. Being discriminating is about using good judgment and focusing on how well a man treats you and how you connect with him. (same for a man, a woman should treat you with respect as well.)

You must be clear about what qualities you’re willing to live with and what you can’t live without.

In today’s society we are all told that men need to be with someone “hot” and that women need to find a man with money. Don’t fall for what society tells you. Look at how screwed up it is. Never apologize for having HIGH standards because people who really want to be in your life will rise up to meet them. Stop dreaming about the fairy tale, stop wanting a guy to put you on a pedestal, and stop wanting the movie-like romance. Relationships are REAL. Treat them with a dose a reality, not fantasy.

There is someone for everyone, just because you haven’t met that special someone, does not mean you never will. Take this time in your single life to focus on you and love yourself, so when the right person comes along, you can wholeheartedly share that love with them too.

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4 Paragraphs Guaranteed To Put Your Life In Perspective:

If you take a few minutes to sit back and think about it, the purpose of life is to be happy.. As I sit and think about how it has gone and where I would like to be, I landed on what I think the major problem with people these days. The problem is that we all are about the happy ending. When life isn’t about the happy ending, it’s about the story of how we got there. I think about those people who are afraid of being successful. How can anyone be afraid of something that is intended to make you happy?

Happiness is a perception of your own reality. There are many people around the world who barely have the basic necessities to survive, who are very happy. Why? Because of their attitude, and the people they chose to have around them. There are people who are dancing through life and others who are crying through life. The irony is that life is the same, what we do is purely our choice. As you change your point of view, your views bring about a change in you.

Speaking about change, if you seriously think about it, life is a cycle of never-ending changes, and you must possess the ability to adapt to those changes. Some seasons are for planting seeds and some are for harvest. But sitting on your ass and doing nothing, isn’t going to change how your life will turn out and what can happen. We grow through change. Change makes us stronger but it can also make us more vulnerable. Being vulnerable isn’t a bad thing either. It means that we are human. Some changes bring progress right away, while others take time to nurture. There is no power that can stop the process of changing. The wise people make the best use of change and take it as an opportunity while the rest stare helplessly at the change taking place.

Many people have called me fearless, which I take as a sincere compliment. It’s just the way I have always lived my life. Why sit there and think about, “what if” when you can go out there and make something happen? Back in the day I was spontaneous, but as I grew up I have become a fearless woman who does think about things before doing them but once I decide to go at it, I dive in. The way I look at life is that, you can either be the bird who’s too afraid to fly or the one who’s too busy flying to feel scared. Being fearless isn’t about not being afraid. It is about being totally terrified but still standing up against your fear. Trust me, there are MANY times when I am scared to death, but I’m constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes. Life is too short to worry about stupid things and then live with that regret.

Stop waiting for life to be kinder, for the storms to calm, for your big break to magically appear, for your white knight to round the corner or a fairy Godmother to come and fulfill your every desire. Stop seeing yourself as a victim. The pity party train has derailed. If we all threw out problems into a pile and saw someone else’s, we’d grab ours back. It’s a new year, a new beginning. Yeah, I know that saying has been played out, but it’s the truth.

Life is traveled only once. Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory. Enjoy every moment; because the gift of life is LIFE itself.

2016 Revisited with Reflection

Each year we learn something new about ourselves and the people around us. There are happy moments, sad moments, and it’s necessary to sit at the end of the year and focus on lessons learned, but yet, focus on what you want the new year to bring.

In 2016, some of the most happiest times were the birth of my nephew/Godson and the birth of my cousin, the next generation of my family. Other happy moments I had were publishing another book, having my business grow, and taking an awesome vacation this past summer.  Other highlights for the year were that I went on the NYC subway for the first time and met my good friend at a Mets game. I also got to knock off 16 things off my 2016 bucket list. Finally my family was blessed with good health, and that is all I could have asked for this year alone!

Oh, did I mention that I turned 40 this year? Milestone!

The mixed emotions I had this year was deciding to retire from teaching preschool. I miss seeing the kids everyday, that is the hard part, but I don’t miss the school, the prep, and having the same routine day in and day out.  I have though, thanks to teaching for 20 years, have developed some great friendships with parents, not only the children. That I am blessed with- relationships that mean something to me!

I also have started to develop great relationships within networking for my business. Those relationships will be a focus in 2017.

This year, once again, social media made me realize that a lot of people will fake change just to fit in. Social media is filled with people “pretending” to be someone they aren’t, just for likes, comments, and attention.  Also due to the Election of 2016, so many people want to chirp but can’t handle it when others chirp. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it either. People took something that shouldn’t be personal, and made it personal. There were attacks, unfriending, and relationships were torn over a stupid election. Hopefully everyone learned a lesson.

There are always going to be people out there who will tell you that you can’t make your dreams happen. And the only reason they tell you that is because they are scared that you will indeed make your dreams a reality, while they are mad at themselves for not working hard on their goals. That is why this year I learned a value lesson from the weather; I learn to be talked about without responding. (Every writer/blogger is always going to have those special haters, but then again, haters are fans in denial)

Finally my Personal Motto for 2016 was: Out work ’em. Out read ’em. Out last ’em. Show up. I think needless to say, I lived up to that motto, at least I know I tried and I will continue that motto in 2017.

I not only learned about myself this past year, but I also learned the following through relationships, friendships, and observing others:

Accept your flaws. Admit your mistakes. Don’t hide and don’t lie. Deal with the truth, learn the lessons, endure the consequences of reality, and move on. Your truth won’t penalize you, the mistakes won’t hurt you, but the denial and cover-up will. Flawed and vulnerable people are beautiful and likable. Liars and phonies are not. Every beautiful human being is made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions and finished with unique edges. Don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do. Your true friends will slowly reveal themselves over time. In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often and love with all your heart. You never know when you may not have that chance again.

When you learn how much you are worth, you will stop giving people discounts. Remember, the new year will be like the old one if you keep on doing the same old things. So here’s to 2017, where new challenges are met with hope, love and strength.

Singlehood: Click Here To Enter

Women these days, if you haven’t noticed, are shamed into believing that there is something wrong with them if they are in their thirties and still single. Online dating has surged beyond belief, because it’s better to be in a relationship and miserable than it is to be single and happy.
It’s hard to completely understand this phenomenon that is online dating. People claim that they want to be liked for “why they really are,” while at the same time, their dating profiles reflect white lies in order to be liked and accepted by the opposite sex.

All those sites that claim that they can find you your “perfect match,” are pulling at your heartstrings and not to mention, your wallets, and people are falling for it at a completely large rate. Here’s what I don’t get, if they claim that their scientific algorithms work, why do you need to spend 9 -12 months to find someone with whom you should totally click with right away? The answer is this, you are never truly someone’s choice. Instead you are one of many options in case the one person they thought was, “the one,” failed them and they need to move on quickly.

Online dating is like going to the casino. They want you to keep going at it, so you keep putting money in the machine because according the the odd makers, something will eventually click and you’ll hit the jackpot.

Relationships that start online don’t last as long as relationships that start offline.

Researchers from Stanford and Michigan State University found that breakups between unmarried and married people happened more with couples who met online, rather than couples who met in “offline venues.” See, the founders and CEO’s of all these online dating sites know that when it comes to love women are desperate, easily manipulated, and trustworthy.

As a fellow female I am here to awaken every female to the lies these online dating sites spew. Here are five facts that I have uncovered about online dating that they don’t want you to know.

5- What every site has failed to recognize is that there really is no way to successfully predict that a relationship will last, especially when the most crucial information is not collected:

A) Individuals Characteristics of each partner which include personalities, attitudes and if each partner is relatively stable.

B) Quality of interactions – This can only be measured in person, not online. This includes how well the couple will communicate and also support each other.

C) Unforeseen Circumstances: This includes stress, financial problems, cultures, family issues, etc.

4- Two Words: Choice Overload. This is where people undermine their ability to make a good, well thought out decision due to having way too many options available to them. So most likely you will end up “thinking” that you chose the “correct” partner, when in fact you picked the wrong one.

3- One of the things that all these sites have in common is this: The insert fear that unless you are on their dating site you will NEVER find your “soul-mate.” They tug at your heartstrings to make you believe that you mate is on the other side of your computer screen, when the truth is that you can meet the love of your life ANYWHERE.

2-Some dating sites just don’t get the meaning of the word, “dating” and allow for married men and women to look for sex so they can cheat on their husbands and wives. And there are actually some online sites dedicated to helping married folks cheat which is disgusting! Again, it’s 1 out of every 10 on those dating sites that are married and don’t spill the beans on that either. The online dating world is also filled with criminals and sexual predators. Again, its 1 out of every 10. Remember, the FTC and FDA don’t regulate these sites- ever! The online dating world is filled to the brim with scam artists all who use emotional hooking to get their prey. 1 out of every 10 users is a scammer. Guys who get women to send them money or use them in such a way are on EVERY dating site you can find.

1-Finding a partner is not like finding a new car or a new pair of jeans. You can’t simply wake up one morning, say to yourself, “I need a husband or wife,” and then look through thousands of models until you find the right one. REAL love doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes being single is a choice you make. It doesn’t mean lonely or desperate. It just means “content and drama free.” It’s always better to be single and wait for the right person to come along then it is to be in a relationship, “just because.” Don’t let society tell you that you aren’t worth it if you aren’t in a relationship. That’s why they call it falling in love, because you just fall. You don’t force yourself to trip.

Things Never To Text To Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Today it’s tempting to say anything and everything via text, and with the prevalence of emoji and GIFs has made it easy to express our emotions and feelings. But there are some things that still deserve the spoken-word treatment; especially to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We Need To Talk”

The scariest phrase to ever text to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you need to talk, always do it in person. NEVER on the phone or in text.

It’s Over”

Breaking up over a text message is the cowardly way out. Don’t do it over email, on a sticky note, sending flowers with a note attached, or even over the phone. Again, this needs to be done in person.
I Love You” (for the first time)

Saying these three little words for the first time should be said face to face, not in a text message. How unromantic is that?

My Period Is Late/I’m Pregnant”

Never ever text this to a guy! Unless you want to give him a heart attack.
“I’m Sorry”

Apologies are hard enough for some people to say, but if you need to say it, the best way is in person or even over the phone instead of putting it in text form.

The Double Text

You texted him at noon, and now it’s 3 p.m., still no response. Don’t text him the exact same text you texted him at noon! Just text him, “Did you get my text?” instead.


Fights are best conducted in person not over text. First off, you only have up to 140/160 characters to get “your point across.” And secondly, misinterpreting what you are saying over a text is easy.

Private Parts

When it comes to sexting, there are many reasons to stay away from it. Besides it being creepy and just very distasteful, images are not as private as you may think and can be forwarded and/or hacked at will. Plus, call me old fashioned, but sex in person is best.

Personal Information

In the world of rampant identity theft, it’s best to make a rule not to text sensitive personal information such as your social security number, bank accounts, or credit card information.


Texting is not private. Texts are intercepted, forwarded and read by others. If you have anything that you don’t want the world to know about, never put it in writing on your phone. Again, this is a face to face conversation, not a text.

The Drunken Text

We have all either gotten one or sent one, but this is always a bad idea. Always. Not only are your messages likely to be inappropriate, but they are going to be the source of great embarrassment when you “come to” in the morning. I suggest that if you plan on going out and getting drunk to shut off your phone. You’ll feel better in the morning knowing that you didn’t send your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that humiliating text.

Canceling Plans

Canceling plans last minute over text, screams, “lie.”

Texting 1 or 2 Words

The worse thing about texting is that mostly a woman will text a paragraph and the guy will respond with, “K” Never do that! It’s just rude and annoying.

The Late Night Text

Never text a girl with the words “hey u up?” No. No, we are not up. No, we are not interested in answering your six-letter text message at 1:37 a.m.

The “I’ll Throw Him A Hint,” Text

Guys don’t pick up on hints we throw to them in person. Do you really think he’s going to get what you mean via text? Nope. So, your best bet is to wait until you see him and do your best to actually explain what it is you want from them.

Your entire romantic future here could be determined by your text messages. How often do you actually pick up the phone to call someone? In our fast-paced world, it’s easier to send that text, but when you are dating, you want to call more than you text. We’re all really busy people, that’s not being disputed here, but it’s inappropriate to be texting all day long. If you try and find the happy medium, things will work out and you’ll be able to close the deal.

3 Fool Proof Dating Rules

There are simply 3 rules that everyone should follow when going out on a date or starting a relationship.  Below are the three rules that work, if you follow them.

RULE 1: Never EVER get yourself involved in a relationship with a man who is newly divorced. He is still grieving the relationship himself & trying to sort out feelings. The worse thing to do is get hung up on a man who will be looking out for himself. ( The same goes for men – don’t date a newly divorced woman, especially one with children. She needs to focus on herself and the kids, not on trying to date someone at this time.)

RULE 2: Know your worth. Most women forget about this one and feel that they aren’t worth it without a man. That’s when you settle for less than you deserve. You allow people to treat you the way they do. Love will come to you, when you learn to love yourself, first and foremost. You can’t depend on anyone else to value you, if you don’t value yourself and who you truly are!

RULE 3: In any relationship there needs to be trust and honesty. When there isn’t you don’t have a relationship at all. You are just 2 people in the same room.

20 Tips On How To Become A Better Listener

When people speak, do you listen, really, listen? Most people don’t. Instead they just wait until it’s their turn to speak. In relationships, communication is the most important factor in either keeping afloat or sinking. Here are 20 tips on how you can become a better listener or communicate better.

20. Do not answering your phone, retrieve or respond texts, shut off the computer, and turn off the TV. Despite what you may think, you cannot do two things at once well. And listening to what someone is saying should be your only priority.

19. Besides distractions causing people not to be able to listen to the person who is talking is the fact that sometimes we don’t talk directly to the person we want to speak too. We talk through other people or for other people, and what tends to happen is that the listener gets a mixed message.

18. If you plan on having a conversation with someone, one of the worse things you can do is dance around the issues you want to discuss in fear of hurting feelings or looking bad. No one is a mind reader! There’s a way to have an uncomfortable conversation without lashing out at the person you are talking too. Remember, how can you fix a situation if you don’t get the nerve to talk?

17. To become a better listener requires you to actually not be the one to do all the talking. Let the other person do the talking as well.

16. To break the ice with someone, use a means of communication that you are comfortable with. This helps loosen tensions and also helps you start the conservation.

15. Before cell phones or even telephones, people use to talk face to face. If you want to become a better listener you need to be able to read a person’s body language and you can’t do that on the phone.

14. Of course to get your point across sometimes the best thing to do is write it down. A letter is a great way of having someone “listen” to what you are feeling or wanting to say because here they have to actually focus in on what you wrote and they don’t get to interrupt your train of thought.

13. Know the signs of either changing the subject, moving on, or changing your tone. This starts with you. If you find your voice getting louder, step outside yourself and realize that the person you are talking to may start to get defensive. If you quickly change your tone you will save yourself from having an argument.

12. Screaming at someone isn’t going to help your cause at all. How can anyone listen to you if you are yelling?

11. This is more for the men out there than the women. Men seem to make big promises and then fail to keep them. If you are going to say things, live up to them. Because if you keep saying one thing and doing another no one is going to want to listen to you anymore.

10. You can use social media to your advantage when it comes to practicing listening. Again, it goes back to reading a letter. You need to read every word and let it stink in before you respond. So many people just like to make noise instead of making actual conversation online.

9. If you want the well rounded relationship, being able to communicate and listen are the two most important puzzle pieces.

8. If you have ineffective communication skills, the cycle will keep going until you fix the problems. And most likely this means that you lack good listening skills.

7. How can you expect someone to know what you feel, want, or need or you don’t speak up? Mind readers don’t exist. You can’t expect someone to want to listen to you if you never give them anything worth listening too.

6. It’s eye to eye not an eye for an eye when learning to listen! Use your ears, use your eyes, and focus on the person you are talking too.

5. A great listener knows when to take a break, enjoy the silence and then speak up. There’s nothing nothing with thinking about what you want to say before you say it. The smart listeners know how to throw the ball in the other person’s court. Silence = Listening

4. Great listeners pay attention and ask questions until they gain a deep and textured understanding of whatever situations they find themselves in. But in no certain terms do they disrespect someone’s point of view.

3. If you can’t listen to someone for whatever reason, take a time out. Tell them that right now it’s not a good time. If you want someone to want to listen to you, then you need to respect them when it comes to giving them your time and effort to listen.

2. Sometimes a great opportunity to talk your partner is when you are laying in bed together. Snuggle up and just have a conversation. You will be more in tuned to listen when you are laying close to each other.

1. Sometimes you talk just to hear yourself talk. When that happens you know that the other person isn’t putting forth the effort to really listen to what you are saying. Know when to retreat and return to a conversation at a later time. You’ll save yourself the aggravation.

The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention.

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